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Aviation Training

The specificity of the aviation industry requires special firs aid training modification. REAGO Training monitors risks and in terms of them optimizes the training program.

We trained over 1,000  cabin crew personnel in the last training season. Trainings were conducted all over  Europe.

Each program is consistent with the guidelines of EU-OPS (JAROPS) 1.1005, 1.1010, 1.1015 and 1.945, and the training is adapted/adjusted to the individual requirements of our customers.
We guarantee the highest level of quality of our training.  As we broaden our knowledge/expertise through continuous further trainings, so that the training content contained provided to our trainees are based on the latest international guidelines.
Our training is mainly focused on practical teaching due to the fact that most of the time is devoted to exercise. We provide: phantoms, automated external defibrillators (AED) and equipment which aircraft personnel may encounter every day, while working on board  or airport.