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Anatomy Models

  • Anatomy Model
    Anatomy Model
    Our SynDaver Anatomy Model includes all of the major skeletal, muscular and cartilaginous structures present in typical human anatomy. This is a full sized, head-to-toe anatomical model. The SynDavers are the most realistic synthetic representation of human anatomy ever produced. This education-grade synthetic human cadaver complete with all bones, joints, muscles, organs and tendons in normal human anatomy. Major nervous system and vascular components are also included.
  • Musculoskeletal Model
    Musculoskeletal Model

    Our SynDaver Musculoskeletal Model includes all of the major skeletal and muscular structures present in typical human anatomy.

  • Surgical Model
    Surgical Model
    SynDaver synthetic tissues have been validated over the last two decades to simulate the mechanical and physico-chemical properties of live tissue. With this new technology SynDaver has created an entirely new field known as live tissue replacement, and in fact the SSH is capable of standing in for a live human or human cadaver in medical device development or medical procedure training. Unlike a cadaver however, the SSH will last forever!