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About Us

REAGO TRAINING is an entity providing solutions in the field of different types of simulations and specialized trainings dedicated to different professional groups.


REAGO TRAINING Sp. z o.o. focuses on fulfilling the needs and requirements of our clients, as well as meeting their expectations through:

Promoting and putting into practice modern knowledge in education and simulation.
Providing the best product offerings and consulting services.
Providing access to the latest equipment solutions.
Having experienced and friendly staff.
Adhering to current standards, scientific guidelines and legislation.
Adhering to the principles of professional ethics.
Achieving the goals of REAGO TRAINING Sp. z o.o. is done through:

In-depth analysis of customer needs.
Taking into account the conviction that the quality and image of the company have to be represented by each employee and on each occasion of the contact with the client.
Partnerships with the world's leading companies, organizations and scientific societies.
Selection of proven and reliable suppliers and subcontractors, working with us in an effort to meet the needs of the customer.
Systematic professional training for staff.
Aware of the scope and type of our business activities, as well as the context in which the Company operates, we take measures aimed at providing products in accordance with the expectations and requirements of our customers and meeting the needs and expectations of relevant stakeholders.

In our business activity REAGO TRAINING Sp. z o.o. is guided by the letter of the law and therefore we undertake to comply with the national and international legal requirements as well as other regulations that are related to our activity.

Our experience and knowledge gained at that time allow us to deliver products meeting our customers' requirements. Knowledge and experience allow us to analyze the risks associated with our activities and minimize them at every stage of contract execution.

Improvement of our system is a priority for us, therefore we constantly monitor all the processes defined in the Company and react on an ongoing basis in case of non-compliance.